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Hornsea Love Mugs

Ken was known to have designed the Hornsea Love Mugs, a set of 12, each featuring a month of the year. The design is different to his normal style, but this may been a criteria to emulate John Clappison's style. The design probably dates to 1975, but the mugs were definitely marketed from 1976 to 1981.

Note: Thanks to Jim Bishop, we now know there are two different handle styles: a round and a rectangular one (see right).

Sold as 'Love Mugs' in the UK, they were also distributed in the USA by Kosta Boda under the name 'Young Lovers Mugs'.

With thanks to Pauline Coyle (author of Gone to Pot, The Life and Work of John Clappison) and visit Pauline's site, Hornsea Pottery for more details of this excellent book. Other source: Hornsea Pottery 1949-89 by Brian Heckford


Hornsea mug, round handle

Hornsea mug, rectangular handle

Hornsea mugs - backstamp Hornsea mugs - backstamp Hornsea mugs - backstamp
There are numerous backstamps on the Hornsea mugs. Only two dates are known at present (1977 & 1978), but there are many that show a series of dots, either with a date, or on their own.
Hornsea mug - January

Hornsea mug - February

Hornsea mug - March
courtesy David P Encill
courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Jim Bishop
Hornsea mug - April

courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Sarah
courtesy Janice Jex
Hornsea mug - July
Hornsea mug - August

courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Sarah
Hornsea mug - October
Hornsea mug - November
Hornsea mug - December
courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Jim Bishop
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