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The pottery company, Weatherby in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, created a small range of dishes and mugs from the Menagerie range.

Weatherby dishes


Only the Cockerel has been found decorating the tankard/mug, but it is assumed the other three animals favoured by Weatherby (Cheshire Cat, Hedgehog and Pig) will also feature.



The difference between the application of the patterns on these dishes and the tiles produced by Ken is quite marked. The Cheshire Cat, for example, does look more primitive and blotchy, almost as though the enamels have worn. This is also particularly noticeable on the Cockerel mug.

Weatherby backstamp Cheshire cat  
courtesy Jim Bishop
Cheshire Cat
courtesy Jim Bishop
Hedgehog Pig dish Cock
Hedgehog (head-on)
courtesy Jim Bishop
courtesy Jim Bishop
Mug with Cockerel
courtesy Jim Bishop


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